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Aradhya Hospital

Meeting the evolving healthcare needs of women and children, we present a comprehensive array of services all within the embrace of a single facility. Our seasoned medical professionals, rich in experience and qualifications, adeptly address and manage various medical conditions. Whether it’s fertility treatments for those facing challenges in conception, counseling for the concerned, pregnancy care for the expectant, or pediatric services for newborns, we deliver a holistic healthcare experience all under one roof.

Welcoming a new life is a sublime experience, and at Aradhya Hospital, we strive to elevate it to an extraordinary level. Ensuring joy and comfort for mothers during childbirth, our family-friendly maternity center offers exclusively private rooms and amenities. From preconception counseling to comprehensive maternity services, we aim to keep you at ease and well-informed throughout your pregnancy journey. Rest assured, our competent obstetric team is dedicated to safeguarding the health and well-being of both you and your child.


Experience compassionate and comprehensive maternity care tailored to your unique journey.


Trust our expert gynecologists for personalized and advanced women's health solutions.

General Medicine

Receive top-notch general medical care with a focus on your overall well-being.


Ensure the health and happiness of your little ones with our specialized pediatric care.

24 Hour Emergency

Count on us for immediate and expert medical attention with our round-the-clock emergency services.

General Surgery

Explore advanced surgical solutions and compassionate care for a range of health concerns.

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